About Flyers

Flyers are a type of leaflet or postcard, designed to be handed out to people, either by hand, by post, inserted in local newspapers for distribution, left in venues, shops, restaurants, cafes, libraries…you get the idea.

ANYWHERE where they will catch a persons eye.

Our flyer printing is on a good quality board. which means they are not thin and flimsy, like many of the cheap looking leaflets you might get posted thru your door, they are printed on a 300gsm card. For example… an ARGOS catalogue is printed on 80gsm paper… thin, nasty… and a quality business card may be printed on a 350gsm board… You see, 300gsm is a good weight and thickness of board, and coupled with full colour print on both sides, they certainly are professional

We print A6 flyers… and we print lots of them… over 1 million flyers a week, so we know what we’re on about.

How big is A6..?

A6 means
1/4 A4, four to an A4 sheet.
also known as ‘postcard’ size

Still not sure.

Take a piece of paper out of your printer. It should be A4. Now fold it in half, that’s known as A5, now fold it in half again… There, that’s what A6 looks like.

What to put on your A6 flyer…

Don’t cram your flyer design with text. People won’t read it, they will be overwhelmed by the sight of all that small print, they will throw it straight in the bin.

Be clever with it.

Ideally, the flyer should have a front side and a back side. The front should focus on the name of your product, service or event. The back should detail any extra information you want to get across and also contact details and any essential small print.

Just remember, its not a competition to see how many words you can fit on a flyer… It should be stylish, targeted towards the people you want to attract and to the point.

It really is worth getting your artwork done properly. The images and text should be very high resolution. If not, your flyer may look like something just copied of the internet and made bigger… what should have nice crisp edges, ends up looking square and jagged, we call that ‘pixelation’ It can ruin a good flyer.

Find someone who can design. Or talk to us, we can do it for you from just 40 quid an hour. A one-off payment, which you wouldn’t have to pay again when you order a rerun because its here, done, on file forever, waiting for when you need a rerun doing.

If you know someone who will do the design for you, make sure they design to our specification, see ‘DESIGN TIPS’ just so they get it right, saving time and money for everyone.